Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Projects, projects, projects...

A few pics of the decorating projects I've accomplished this past weekend... I'm REALLY excited about the valances I made (with Mom's help!) for the morning room...

and... thanks to my favorite store IKEA, I have bathroom storage :)

I did some other "random" shopping at HomeGoods yesterday and found this cute little stool for my flying pig ;) (that story was posted previously!!)

and a really, super cool table lamp... now to find a chair to put next to it...

no really exciting news going on here, just learning to live in our fantastic new house. Hard to believe it's been almost 5 months already! We're settling in and it's finally starting to feel real ... can't wait to decorate for Christmas time


  1. Love the bathroom storage and the lamp!

  2. I love that lamp! It has lots of personality!