Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Patience... NOT one of my strong points...

These next two weeks are going to be torture! I'm not good at waiting for things, especially things I really, really WANT!! Like my gorgeous new house! Now that I know it's completed and we've done our final walk through, I'm ready to MOVE! Just 14 days til closing (and it's not like I've got our current house packed ~ it's a work in progress...) but I can't focus here, I want to start moving in and decorating!  I also think it's my "glass half empty" mind set creeping in on me sometimes too. I guess until we have signed on the dotted line and have our keys in hand, I won't actually believe that this is happening! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to be able to purchase a home, especially not one this extravagant. When we first started entertaining the idea of buying a house, our price range was about half of the sale price for this house. After crunching numbers and realizing that our house payment will only be about $100 more per month than we've been paying in rent for the past 4 years, we went for it! Now I'm freaking out again. It's not about the money either, just change. We can easily afford the new house payment, I'm just not one who likes a lot of change. The good side of this I suppose, is that it will be the LAST time I have to move!

Well, enough blogging and panic for now, I have boxes to pack and items to place on Craigslist!! I'll check back in over the weekend with new pics (hopefully of our fully sodded yard if the weather cooperates!)


  1. WOW! You are almost there!! Hang in there! We won't be moving until September but believe it or not, I have already started packing. I want it organized and carefree! Happy Packing!

  2. The home stretch is so exciting! --Ericka

  3. Being so close it is hard to wait I'm sure!