Monday, April 23, 2012

Slow week

Not much to report on really at least not construction wise. It looks like we are going to have our walk through with Jared sometime the first week of May, we just have to get everyone's schedules situated. Not an easy task considering my husband and I both work at the hospital!!

We heard from the mortgage underwriters. They are questioning hubby's child support order and whether or not he's still obligated to pay child support for his TWENTY FIVE YEAR OLD son. We have provided his divorce decree which clearly states his son's birth date as well as outlines the support agreement which was to continue until his son turned 18. We also provided documentation from the courthouse to DH's employer instructing them to cease support payments. The underwriters have not approved that as positive proof that he is no longer obligated, just that it is no longer being withheld. Just disregard the date of birth and the line that states "will be paid until the child reaches the age of 18." He says it's no big deal but stupid things like this make me angry. Otherwise, I guess the good news is that they signed off on everything else they had asked for and didn't ask for anything further. Looks like this is actually going to go to closing next month!

I took the daughter shopping this weekend thinking we would just browse the local flea markets and consignment shops to get a "taste" of what might be out there. WOW. Why am I just now discovering this little honey hole of bargains??? BIG BONUS is the fact that we live fairly close to the epicentre of all things furniture related in Hickory/High Point NC. I found a couple of vendors and stores who feature market samples and close outs from the furniture markets as well as model home furniture!  Boy did I find some deals!! I called up the dear hubby, thinking I would just let him know that we were going to have to make our way back as time got closer to move and make our bargain basement purchases from one of these individuals. He requested that I send pictures (thank goodness for my handy-dandy new iPhone 4s!! LOL).  I sent photos of a sectional sofa for the family room with recliners on each end, a counter height dining table and 6 chairs, a console table with marble top, 2 bar stools with leather seats, a large mirror, some vases, a clock and a few picture frames... lo and behold, the next text message I receive is... "go ahead and buy it all, it may not be there when we go back." 

What? I'm sorry, has my husband's phone been hacked? Mr. Frugality himself? Did he really just give the go-ahead to purchase a couple rooms full of furniture in one visit to the store, sight practically unseen by him?? I mean, I work too and he doesn't require me to ask permission to spend money, I was just informing him of my "finds" and here, he just says "buy it." I almost fainted. I did some quick calculating in my head ~ hmmm, that IS less than what the entire living room set we were planning to buy would cost us. Well, needless to say, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. When my husband opens up that wallet and says buy what you want, I'm gonna do it!!! I walked up to the register with the accessories I could carry and then found the sales person I had randomly spoken too off and on throughout the shop. Boy did I make his day too!

So, now we have to go back and pick up the sofa, console table and the dining set and put it in storage for about a month, but even after that we still saved a TON. I told the hubby that I think I broke out in hives. Other than my car and obviously the house, I have never spent that much money in one shopping spree in my life. He's been great about it though. He said the way he sees it, for as much as I spent, I probably saved twice as much!!  Once we pick the stuff up and get it in the house I'll take some pictures.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Welcome Home

Loving the PAINTED front door...

I'm Falling Behind Again...

I'm doing it again! We have been down to the house twice since the last blog update but I haven't had the time (or energy ~ I've been a little under the weather) to post much. Let's see what I can remember...

Looks like, even though the house will be complete in the next week or so, we will probably close around the first week of June and take our time moving in so we can seal the granite and tile, paint, and get all the new furniture and everything "just so". Our current lease doesn't expire until the end of June and Meghan isn't out of school until June 9th so moving before then just doesn't make any sense.

As for the current progress, well... the kitchen backsplash has been completed and I must say it looks incredible!! I am very, very pleased!

Glad we chose to go with the middle placement for the listello. Now, I'm questioning how the white outlets are going to look but that's for another day. 

The carpeting for the second floor has also been installed. I don't recall choosing a brown color but I suppose that small swatch in the design center looked a bit different than an entire floor of bedrooms and a staircase does. This might take some getting used to: 

 I'm hoping that once the cardboard floor protection is removed it will look better with the cherry flooring. I can only hope ;) 

A + is that I LOVE the oil rubbed bronze fixtures we chose. An upgrade that didn't cost an arm and a leg but certainly looks like a million dollars!

That was last week. We went down again today, thinking that the sod would have been put down and the blinds would be up. But that hasn't happened yet. That's okay. There were other things that WERE done that look fantastic!!  

Like the bushes, pinestraw and front door...

It's really starting to look like the house we envisioned. I need to figure out some nice shade loving containers for my porch and that lovely window box since the house is north facing and we will get little to no sunlight on the front of the house... EVER! (any wonderful green thumb friends reading this your input is greatly appreciated)

They did remove the floor protection and OMG!!! I think I'm in love...
and... the kitchen... well ~ it's STILL my favorite place in the house. Just LOOK at how it's turning out now that you can see the floor and the cabinets and the appliances and the backsplash and everything all together... I can't believe this is MY (our) house!

Last but not least the bathroom fixtures are in and complete. The jacuzzi is working ;)

I think the one thing I want to do right away (after I take my first bath in this lovely tub, that is) is to frame out that bathroom mirror. I've always wanted a framed mirror in the bathroom and I'll probably do it in our bathroom, Meghan's and replace the mirror in the powder room with a nice framed mirror as well. (Jeff loves me for already making a "project list").  

I've also already got paint colors picked out for most of the house (I'm sure those of you who know me are NOT shocked by this at all). And I have THOUSANDS of pins on my Pinterest boards (no, unfortunately, I'm not exaggerating) with ideas for decorating and organizing my fantastic new home. Now, whether or not I actually have the time, energy or inspiration to actually follow through with most of them remains to be seen ;)

I realize now that I probably should have taken a couple of shots of the back yard, but nothing has changed back there. The concrete patio is in place, but no sod is down yet. Once some landscaping is there, I will take more pictures.

I don't think there's much going on down at the house this week. Maybe blinds going up, possibly sod being put in. Another coat of paint, some varnish on the hand rails, most of the "major" work is completed. Now it's just detail stuff.

  Unfortunately for now, it's bedtime. I'm sure I won't be able to sleep as I dream of paint chips, floor plans, closet organizers and pendant lighting. Nothing a little ambien can't take care of. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Busy Week for the Contractors!

So ... a different subcontractor is scheduled in the house every day this week. Carpeting was being installed today. Remainder of the curb & gutter is being poured today or tomorrow. Kitchen back splash should be done Wednesday or Thursday. Landscapers grading the front yard, laying sod and planting bushes. There are still two more visits scheduled by the drywallers and painters... but Jared says we will still be finished before the end of the month!

Spoke with Ryan and NVR today as well. We were curious about what incentives they would be willing to offer us to close early on the house. Our current lease doesn't expire until June 30th and Meghan is in school until June 9th so we really don't want to move in before mid-June. They have put an offer on the table which includes a month's worth of rent credited toward closing costs so that we wouldn't have two house payments in June. Because we have already "over paid" the estimated costs, this would result in us receiving a refund at closing which would, in essence, pay our rent for June.  We were really hoping to skip a month of house payments (if we closed in June we wouldn't have a payment until August!!). Closing early I suppose we still skip a month because they would essentially be paying June's rent payment and we would start with our house payment in July.

We countered and asked for the closing costs AND no payment until August, if possible. If not, we may just ask for an increase in the closing costs to cover that payment as well. Bottom line is, the house will be ready, it's up to us whether we chose to close now or later.

Now it's a waiting game. We are headed down South again on Wednesday to see the carpet and tile. I will try to take some more pictures and maybe we will hear something encouraging by then about closing as well!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

i'm LOVING the choices we made

The PM called on Friday to let us know about the progress this week. The counter tops are in. Light fixtures installed. Laminate floor down on the first floor. Tile work done in the bathrooms. Jeff couldn't wait until Sunday so we took a little drive down before I had to work on Saturday night. 

Jared needed us to make a decision about where the listello (a new word for me! it's what you call the decorative glass tile "stripe" through the tile work) in the kitchen backsplash. See the pic below: 

He said he thought that the higher placement would take away from the "look" because part of the "view" would be blocked by the upper cabinets.  But, I don't think we like the lower placement of the listello either... 

So, I think the decision we have made is to place the listello in line with the outlets and replace the old white plastic switch plate covers with stainless ones to match the appliances and coordinate better with the tiles. They should love us for that since it looks like it will entail some creative tile cutting to make it all fit "just right." Oh well, its not like we aren't paying for it!!

Since that decision has been made, check out the floor!! Since the cabinets are a dark cherry, we wanted to stay within the same color family but not quite as dark for the floor.  We went with a native cherry floor and I'm really excited about how it looks. I wish we could have pulled up more of the protective covering but I didn't want to mess anything up. I'm really excited to see the coordination where the cabinets and the floor meet once everything is clean!  
Here's a pic of the floor, the color in the picture is actually pretty close to accurate: 

I think the next most exciting thing about this week at the house is the near completion of the master bath! I cannot believe that this is actually OUR house! It looks like something out of a magazine; or a model home :)

Other than the newly poured patio, driveway and sidewalks there's no more exciting news this week. 

The upstairs carpeting is supposed to be installed this week. Landscaping and sod go in on Monday (weather permitting). I'm pretty excited to see what they do with the landscaping and I will certainly be sharing the pics with you :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cabinets are in!

We took a quick drive down today before I had to be at work because I'm impatient and was NOT waiting until Sunday to see the cabinetry! :)

So we pull up and lo and behold, the siding and stone work is all complete! I LOVE IT!!

Inside the trim, railings, kitchen & bathroom cabinetry and bathroom tiling had been completed. It's really coming along! More pics:

living room from front door

View out front door from corner of living room

kitchen cabinets & island from family room

kitchen cabinets

kitchen island from morning room

Meghan's bathroom. Tile & cabinets installed

laundry room floor tile installed

Master bath shower

Close up of master shower tile
So, that's it for today. We will be going back down on Sunday after all the electrical and plumbing are complete. The driveway and sidewalk are supposed to be poured tomorrow.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Some history for those of you (like me) who are into that stuff...

This link explains the history of the Fort Mill area, specifically the area where the Massey subdivision is being built. Obviously named after Elizabeth Massey and her family.  For my wonderful friends who are so amused by the fact that my street name is Kings Bottom... there is some interesting information as to where that came from as well. Just my contribution towards your knowledge of local Carolina history. 


... and so it continues...

Well, we went down to check out the progress last week (3/29/12) but I'm just getting around to posting pics and updating the blog :(  I've been really slack lately ~ only working about 60 hours a week, you'd think I'd have a LOT of free time wouldn't you? 

Anyway, we got to the house and much to our surprise the stone work on the front had been completed. I guess I was so distracted with all of the interior details I never really paid attention to how much stone was going on. Here's a pic: 

We were a little surprised that the stone work extended to the second story on the one side of the house, but I do like it. I'm glad we chose this color (Kentucky Stone) I'm excited to see it once the rest of the siding is on!! More pics: 

I really LOVE the slate "shutters" on this window!! And, those of you who know me can only imagine my excitement over the window box!! The big dilemma now is... what the heck do you plant in a shady window box? Any assistance from my friends with green thumbs will be greatly appreciated!  This is the living room window... I'm already planning the holiday decor! :) I think the slate shutter and the window box are my favorite part of the house!!! (outside at least) However, the garage door is pretty cool too. (Did I really just say that? I'm excited over a garage door? really?) See, in my defense, it's not just a generic door: 

 Okay, well maybe it's not as exciting as the shutter and window box but it looks pretty darn good!

Inside all of the drywall is up and finished with a primer paint coat. See, first is a view of the family room/great room, whatever you want to call it... from the kitchen:
Jeff had to be sure and get it prewired for the 60" TV he's planning on...

Checking out the "morning room" windows.

Meghan's bedroom

We may have to do something with Meghan's closet. Definitely need an organizer or something in there to give her a little more room. 
another of Meghan's room. 

master bedroom (again, note the prewiring for the TV)

great room/kitchen/morning room from stairway
Jared, our wonderful PM, called today to inform us that the siding should be finished today and cabinetry is installed. He said that Wednesday & Thursday will be plumbing & electrical fixtures, tiling. I'm excited to go back and check it out... maybe tomorrow before work since we don't have a day off together until Easter Sunday!!!