Sunday, March 3, 2013

Freezing Cold!!

Here's a question... We have lived in our wonderful Venice for almost 10 months now, we've been lucky in that we have no real major (or minor) complaints EXCEPT..


For an Energy Star Certified home it sure is breezy & cold in my closet! You can feel the air flowing under the door. It seems both bedrooms across the front of the house also stay on the cool side... Anyone else with this issue or suggestions on what could be causing this???

Monday, January 14, 2013

Late holiday post...

I know the holidays have passed, and all of our decorations are now taken down and put away... but I'm finally getting around to posting a few pics of the house all decked out. We don't have NEARLY enough decorations to make me happy, but luckily everything is on sale now and I can pick up new stuff for NEXT YEAR!! Here are a few pics:

pinterest craft! 

entry way

Definitely need to invest in a LOT more lights. Wreaths on the lower level windows but they don't have lights, will need lights or wreaths for upper level next year too.

failed attempt at cinnamon ornaments. at least we had fun doing it!!

one of my favorite new decorations!!

the tree, christmas eve when i got home from work
New Years Eve dinner. So much to celebrate in 2012!
Nothing very impressive but we were excited! Hope everyone has a fantastic 2o13! I'll keep posting updates as we complete our "projects"... next up I think will be closet organizers ;)