Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crazy Summer!

Wow! the past 2 1/2 months have been ridiculously busy! Since closing, we have painted (the entire downstairs, bought furniture, gone to Charleston & the Outer Banks, taken the DD to Carolina Panthers Junior TopCats cheer camp, planned an open house for next weekend, gone to 4 concerts AND still worked full time!! I've taken very few pictures of the house but I promise now that school is about to start (next week) and our schedules become a little more regular, I will get on this and post some of the things we have done!  

This past weekend the DH began installing crown moulding on the first floor. I have to admit that I never really considered it a big deal and didn't understand why he was so insistent on doing it... UNTIL I SAW IT UP! WOW, it really does make a difference. I looks fantastic already and he's not quite done (another pic to post once its complete). We painted the DD's room (twilight meadows from Lowes) and put a really nice monogram detail (from Dali Decals) on the wall now she's in full "middle school mode" and decorating the rest of her room with brightly colored accessories and animal prints :)  We painted the accent wall in our bedroom a dark purple (valspar ~ purple rain) and silvery gray (valspar ~ silvery mist) with black furniture and silver accessories.  The small front living room, hallway and great room are all painted in a medium gray (valspar ~ opera glasses) and the morning room is a shade darker (valspar ~ bell tower stone). Our master bath is painted in a bluish purple (valspar ~ blue hydrangea) but I really don't think it's what I was looking for. I just can't bring myself to tell the DH that I'm going to want to change it ... maybe it will grow on me ;).  I haven't decided yet what I want to do with the powder room or the other bedrooms. I'm sure the DH is happy that I don't have any painting projects planned because he has his own "honey do" list, like the crown moulding that's going up!

Our open house/housewarming party is next weekend. After that I'll post some pictures of everything...


  1. Wow! You have done a lot Faith! I look forward to seeing the pictures of all the wonderful things you did in your home!! Great Summer!!

  2. WOW ~ You guys have been busy!!

    I am anxious to see your crown molding!! Maybe (hehe) it will inspire my DH to put some up!! LOL


  3. I can't wait to see the pictures! The only crown moulding around here is the stuff where we did the built in bookshelves. (Pictures soon, we have to finish it)