Monday, August 27, 2012

Finally!! Some pictures!!

Now that school is back in session and my life has SOME sense of a regular schedule, I took a few photos of what we've done to the house so far.  As most of you know, we painted and bought new furniture but DH has also installed crown molding the kitchen/family room and the front living room. We are debating putting it in the morning room as well but the angles in there look like they might be a real bi...  challenge. 

We really are completely in love with the way things are coming together. Yes, I still have pictures to put up and chachkis that haven't found a home yet, but I think the major items have been accomplished. My craft room is a shambles. I've been so busy with the "public" parts of the house that I haven't even attempted to put my sanctuary together. That's next on the list...  

Last Friday night we had our first big soiree here. A fun open house with many, many friends showing up. We shared laughs and food and drinks (mostly drinks!!) and I can't think of a better way to celebrate this new phase of our lives. The house certainly lived up to it's "entertaining" potential as we envisioned it when we first walked through the model :) (did any of you know that whipped cream vodka is AMAZING in root beer??? tastes just like a root beer float!!) and soaking fresh strawberries in chocolate vodka (overnight) and dipping them in melted chocolate is like heaven in your mouth??? (like i said, there was a LOT of drinking going on Friday!!)

Here are the promised pics  

Kitchen view from family room

Morning room from family room (LOVE my IKEA rug!)

Family room from kitchen (&DH's smartTV!)

can you tell i <3 IKEA??

Family room from hall... more IKEA stuff :)

Front entry/living room

View from living room

Living room (minus the rug the cat ruined!!)

BAR (fave consignment find!!)

Morning room again

DD's room

Master bedroom

gentle reminder ;)

Master bedroom from other side         


  1. Looks so awesome! Love all of the Ikea stuff and the paint in the lower level. Is the Ikea coffee table the rectangular one or the more square one?

  2. We bought the square coffee table. I liked the look of it with our stuff a little better.

  3. It is beautiful, Faith. I love the paint and Jeff's crown job is amazing! I'm so happy for you all.

  4. Love everything! Do you mind sharing what paint colors/brands you used?

    1. The paint colors are awesome! What are they? You chose WELL!

  5. Love It!! And still digging that awesome chest in the living room!!

  6. Thanks everyone! All the paint is Valspar from Lowes. The entire downstairs (except the morning room) is a color called Opera Glasses. The morning room is a shade or two darker Bell Tower Stone. The master accent wall is Purple Rain the others are Silver Mist. The other bedroom is Twilight Meadow.

    1. Beautiful colors! They make the home look so inviting!

    2. AND the crown molding looks awesome! Your husband did a wonderful job! I am putting this on my honey-to-do list! My husband says he can handle it. I would love to see it in our master bedroom.

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  8. Where are the storage units under the TV from?? I love them!

  9. They are IKEA expedit shelves just laid on their side.