Sunday, September 2, 2012

HOLIDAY weekend? what's that??

So... with a couple of days off together what else was there to do but cross a couple more little projects off of the "honey-do" list ;)  

DH installed a ceiling fan in the great room (it kinda looks like the rotor blades on the helicopter!!) and pendant lights above the kitchen island and sink...  

My contribution to the weekend of projects was my undying gratitude (as always) LOL, I'm always grateful for DH's skill around the house as well as his great attitude when it comes to my "lists" ... However, I DID have a little bit of a contribution as well. I re-covered the lampshades on our fabulous bargain find $15 Target clearance lamps... I also put my many hours of web surfing on Pinterest to good use when I made Braided Spaghetti Bread to reward my man's hard work :)  

Here's the proof!!

awesome new ceiling fan

kitchen pendants

lampshade project


spaghetti baked INSIDE garlic bread!! Pinterest makes me look like such a great mom/wife!! This was a winner :) 

Even the "braided" outside crust looked pretty good for a first try!!

So, that was our thrilling "Labor Day" weekend... Tomorrow's agenda ~ light fixture in the craft room and organizing THAT nightmare!!!


  1. This is some awesome team work!! The two of you did a great job! Thanks for sharing, it's very nice to see people enjoying their homes after the build. People tend to disappear. Glad you are still connected!

  2. Everything looks great. Love the update to the lampshade!

  3. I'm building a Rome in Massey! You're the first neighbor I've found blogging

    1. Which one is yours???? We're the only Venice in the place! And the only Ryan with a side load garage....