Monday, April 2, 2012

... and so it continues...

Well, we went down to check out the progress last week (3/29/12) but I'm just getting around to posting pics and updating the blog :(  I've been really slack lately ~ only working about 60 hours a week, you'd think I'd have a LOT of free time wouldn't you? 

Anyway, we got to the house and much to our surprise the stone work on the front had been completed. I guess I was so distracted with all of the interior details I never really paid attention to how much stone was going on. Here's a pic: 

We were a little surprised that the stone work extended to the second story on the one side of the house, but I do like it. I'm glad we chose this color (Kentucky Stone) I'm excited to see it once the rest of the siding is on!! More pics: 

I really LOVE the slate "shutters" on this window!! And, those of you who know me can only imagine my excitement over the window box!! The big dilemma now is... what the heck do you plant in a shady window box? Any assistance from my friends with green thumbs will be greatly appreciated!  This is the living room window... I'm already planning the holiday decor! :) I think the slate shutter and the window box are my favorite part of the house!!! (outside at least) However, the garage door is pretty cool too. (Did I really just say that? I'm excited over a garage door? really?) See, in my defense, it's not just a generic door: 

 Okay, well maybe it's not as exciting as the shutter and window box but it looks pretty darn good!

Inside all of the drywall is up and finished with a primer paint coat. See, first is a view of the family room/great room, whatever you want to call it... from the kitchen:
Jeff had to be sure and get it prewired for the 60" TV he's planning on...

Checking out the "morning room" windows.

Meghan's bedroom

We may have to do something with Meghan's closet. Definitely need an organizer or something in there to give her a little more room. 
another of Meghan's room. 

master bedroom (again, note the prewiring for the TV)

great room/kitchen/morning room from stairway
Jared, our wonderful PM, called today to inform us that the siding should be finished today and cabinetry is installed. He said that Wednesday & Thursday will be plumbing & electrical fixtures, tiling. I'm excited to go back and check it out... maybe tomorrow before work since we don't have a day off together until Easter Sunday!!!

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