Sunday, April 8, 2012

i'm LOVING the choices we made

The PM called on Friday to let us know about the progress this week. The counter tops are in. Light fixtures installed. Laminate floor down on the first floor. Tile work done in the bathrooms. Jeff couldn't wait until Sunday so we took a little drive down before I had to work on Saturday night. 

Jared needed us to make a decision about where the listello (a new word for me! it's what you call the decorative glass tile "stripe" through the tile work) in the kitchen backsplash. See the pic below: 

He said he thought that the higher placement would take away from the "look" because part of the "view" would be blocked by the upper cabinets.  But, I don't think we like the lower placement of the listello either... 

So, I think the decision we have made is to place the listello in line with the outlets and replace the old white plastic switch plate covers with stainless ones to match the appliances and coordinate better with the tiles. They should love us for that since it looks like it will entail some creative tile cutting to make it all fit "just right." Oh well, its not like we aren't paying for it!!

Since that decision has been made, check out the floor!! Since the cabinets are a dark cherry, we wanted to stay within the same color family but not quite as dark for the floor.  We went with a native cherry floor and I'm really excited about how it looks. I wish we could have pulled up more of the protective covering but I didn't want to mess anything up. I'm really excited to see the coordination where the cabinets and the floor meet once everything is clean!  
Here's a pic of the floor, the color in the picture is actually pretty close to accurate: 

I think the next most exciting thing about this week at the house is the near completion of the master bath! I cannot believe that this is actually OUR house! It looks like something out of a magazine; or a model home :)

Other than the newly poured patio, driveway and sidewalks there's no more exciting news this week. 

The upstairs carpeting is supposed to be installed this week. Landscaping and sod go in on Monday (weather permitting). I'm pretty excited to see what they do with the landscaping and I will certainly be sharing the pics with you :)


  1. It's looking so beautiful!! Hmmmm...I'm going to tell hubs that I want listello, then sit back and watch him squirm. ;)

  2. Its SOOOO pretty!!!!! I cant wait to move in and see it complete and decorated and if course........ PAINTED!!!!!!! :) :) :) I CANT WAIT!!!!

  3. HAHAHA Margo! It has taken me a long time to remember the word for that pretty decorative tile stripe :) Now I'm just looking for the opportunity to use it in words with friends LOL

  4. I cant wait to move in!! It looks sooooooooo prettty.... I love the master bath mommy.... you guys picked out some good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah Meggie... it does look pretty good doesn't it? You helped us pick all the colors remember? Now you need to get busy figuring out paint colors and finding some cool stuff for your new BIG room!!!