Monday, April 2, 2012

Some history for those of you (like me) who are into that stuff...

This link explains the history of the Fort Mill area, specifically the area where the Massey subdivision is being built. Obviously named after Elizabeth Massey and her family.  For my wonderful friends who are so amused by the fact that my street name is Kings Bottom... there is some interesting information as to where that came from as well. Just my contribution towards your knowledge of local Carolina history. 



  1. Well, I'm pretty interested since I'm coming to Massey too, but I think it's rather telling that he advertised his "Kings Bottom's" land for sale for such a long period of time and couldn't sell it. Ivy Mill would be just as significant but much prettier... What would you think if they started talking about changing the street name?

  2. When we first chose this lot the address was Callahan Rd (which I loved!) but due to our side load garage and Town rules it had to be changed to Kings Bottom. As far as changing the name, it would be nicer than Kings Bottom but my guess is there's probably already an Ivy Mill St, Dr, whatever in the Town of Fort Mill.

  3. Actually, there's an Ivy Mill Dr in Massey!