Monday, April 23, 2012

Slow week

Not much to report on really at least not construction wise. It looks like we are going to have our walk through with Jared sometime the first week of May, we just have to get everyone's schedules situated. Not an easy task considering my husband and I both work at the hospital!!

We heard from the mortgage underwriters. They are questioning hubby's child support order and whether or not he's still obligated to pay child support for his TWENTY FIVE YEAR OLD son. We have provided his divorce decree which clearly states his son's birth date as well as outlines the support agreement which was to continue until his son turned 18. We also provided documentation from the courthouse to DH's employer instructing them to cease support payments. The underwriters have not approved that as positive proof that he is no longer obligated, just that it is no longer being withheld. Just disregard the date of birth and the line that states "will be paid until the child reaches the age of 18." He says it's no big deal but stupid things like this make me angry. Otherwise, I guess the good news is that they signed off on everything else they had asked for and didn't ask for anything further. Looks like this is actually going to go to closing next month!

I took the daughter shopping this weekend thinking we would just browse the local flea markets and consignment shops to get a "taste" of what might be out there. WOW. Why am I just now discovering this little honey hole of bargains??? BIG BONUS is the fact that we live fairly close to the epicentre of all things furniture related in Hickory/High Point NC. I found a couple of vendors and stores who feature market samples and close outs from the furniture markets as well as model home furniture!  Boy did I find some deals!! I called up the dear hubby, thinking I would just let him know that we were going to have to make our way back as time got closer to move and make our bargain basement purchases from one of these individuals. He requested that I send pictures (thank goodness for my handy-dandy new iPhone 4s!! LOL).  I sent photos of a sectional sofa for the family room with recliners on each end, a counter height dining table and 6 chairs, a console table with marble top, 2 bar stools with leather seats, a large mirror, some vases, a clock and a few picture frames... lo and behold, the next text message I receive is... "go ahead and buy it all, it may not be there when we go back." 

What? I'm sorry, has my husband's phone been hacked? Mr. Frugality himself? Did he really just give the go-ahead to purchase a couple rooms full of furniture in one visit to the store, sight practically unseen by him?? I mean, I work too and he doesn't require me to ask permission to spend money, I was just informing him of my "finds" and here, he just says "buy it." I almost fainted. I did some quick calculating in my head ~ hmmm, that IS less than what the entire living room set we were planning to buy would cost us. Well, needless to say, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. When my husband opens up that wallet and says buy what you want, I'm gonna do it!!! I walked up to the register with the accessories I could carry and then found the sales person I had randomly spoken too off and on throughout the shop. Boy did I make his day too!

So, now we have to go back and pick up the sofa, console table and the dining set and put it in storage for about a month, but even after that we still saved a TON. I told the hubby that I think I broke out in hives. Other than my car and obviously the house, I have never spent that much money in one shopping spree in my life. He's been great about it though. He said the way he sees it, for as much as I spent, I probably saved twice as much!!  Once we pick the stuff up and get it in the house I'll take some pictures.


  1. Great job on snagging good deals! Sorry to hear the mortgage company is being a pain.

  2. Ooooo... Where are these furniture outlets? How did you find them?

  3. It was a consignment shop Julie. Oddly enough called Consignment 1st. They have multiple locations and I've visited most of them, but found the best stuff at the Lake Norman location. That's the area we moved from so it was convenient at the time (probably a 45 min drive now). They have a store in Pineville but I found higher prices (IMO) and I didn't like their inventory as much but it's one of those hit or miss things, you've gotta go back frequently to check things out.