Monday, April 9, 2012

Busy Week for the Contractors!

So ... a different subcontractor is scheduled in the house every day this week. Carpeting was being installed today. Remainder of the curb & gutter is being poured today or tomorrow. Kitchen back splash should be done Wednesday or Thursday. Landscapers grading the front yard, laying sod and planting bushes. There are still two more visits scheduled by the drywallers and painters... but Jared says we will still be finished before the end of the month!

Spoke with Ryan and NVR today as well. We were curious about what incentives they would be willing to offer us to close early on the house. Our current lease doesn't expire until June 30th and Meghan is in school until June 9th so we really don't want to move in before mid-June. They have put an offer on the table which includes a month's worth of rent credited toward closing costs so that we wouldn't have two house payments in June. Because we have already "over paid" the estimated costs, this would result in us receiving a refund at closing which would, in essence, pay our rent for June.  We were really hoping to skip a month of house payments (if we closed in June we wouldn't have a payment until August!!). Closing early I suppose we still skip a month because they would essentially be paying June's rent payment and we would start with our house payment in July.

We countered and asked for the closing costs AND no payment until August, if possible. If not, we may just ask for an increase in the closing costs to cover that payment as well. Bottom line is, the house will be ready, it's up to us whether we chose to close now or later.

Now it's a waiting game. We are headed down South again on Wednesday to see the carpet and tile. I will try to take some more pictures and maybe we will hear something encouraging by then about closing as well!!!

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