Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cabinets are in!

We took a quick drive down today before I had to be at work because I'm impatient and was NOT waiting until Sunday to see the cabinetry! :)

So we pull up and lo and behold, the siding and stone work is all complete! I LOVE IT!!

Inside the trim, railings, kitchen & bathroom cabinetry and bathroom tiling had been completed. It's really coming along! More pics:

living room from front door

View out front door from corner of living room

kitchen cabinets & island from family room

kitchen cabinets

kitchen island from morning room

Meghan's bathroom. Tile & cabinets installed

laundry room floor tile installed

Master bath shower

Close up of master shower tile
So, that's it for today. We will be going back down on Sunday after all the electrical and plumbing are complete. The driveway and sidewalk are supposed to be poured tomorrow.


  1. Do you happen to remember the name of your master bath tile and accent piece? It looks like the accent we chose for our bathroom also...Wisteria Tort. But we chose the Fidenza Cafe tile which I think its just a little lighter than what you chose! If yours is Wisteria Tort then I'm super excited cause it looks great!

    1. Amy, I just went through my notebook and unfortunately, Rite Rug, (RH flooring/tile contractor here) only furnished me with style numbers for the tile not actual color names. They gave me colors for the rug and laminate but I only know my master bath tile as SD93 and the "decorative tile" is SA54 random 4 rows. I wish I could be of more help but thanks for the compliment! I am completely loving the way it's all coming together.

    2. amy,
      the tile name is fidenza cafe.